How to take care of your new pet

When you bring a new pet home, the first few days are critical, especially if your pet happens to be a dog. Not only will the dog or puppy be confused about where he is, but will also likely not to know what to expect from you.

Setting up some ground rules of the dog’s interaction with you and family is crucial to making the adoption as smooth as possible. You must also know how to take care of your new pet so that it doesn’t fall ill while trying to adapt to the new environment.

Don’t worry; bringing home a new pet can be overwhelming, but not if you follow our tips.

What to do on the first few days?

First and foremost, give your dog the time to acclimate to your home environment and family before introducing him to strangers. If you’ve got children, make sure they know how to approach a dog without being overwhelming.

As soon as you bring the dog home, take him to the designated toilet area and spend some time there until he relieves himself. This will also help him understand that this is the place where he can pee or poop.

Next, give him nutritious dog food, preferably something that has been recommended by the vet. Also, have a clear schedule of the feeding time, playtime, medicine, and toileting. Be stern yet compassionate with your pup to let him know that you are in charge and only reward him for good behavior.

If you’ve brought the dog from another home, you may need a lot of patience to learn about your pet’s methods of communication and how to cope up with unreal expectations. Words like “lie down” and “come here” may not bring forth a reaction that you expect.

What to do over the next few weeks?

There’s a saying that goes something like a dog’s real personality comes out several weeks after adoption. And the saying is true to some extent because your dog will initially be an easy and confused about his whereabouts. They lots of attention to the canine and don’t forget to leave toys whenever you’re not at home.

With patience and lots of care, you can indeed create a special bond with your furry friend. In case you are confused about certain behavioral issues, do not hesitate to get in touch with a trainer to understand more.

A bond that lasts forever

Remember, the average lifespan of a dog regardless of its breed is 10 to 13 years. Make those dog years count and give him the life and relationship he deserves.


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